Venus Tradex – The Modern Discount Broker in India

Prior to knowing about discount broking, it’s crucial to have a clear picture about, what stock broking really is?  Stock broking is a service given to retail and institutional investors to buy and sell instruments in the stock market by the help of stockbrokers, who charge some brokerage for the services they provide. Stockbrokers also offer advisory services to their clients, which can help them to manage their investments and funds in the stock market. Read on to know how Venus Tradex can be called as the modern discount broker in India.

The stockbrokers help the clients in building their portfolios and in managing it. The question that arises here is ‘do investors really need brokers?’ No, they don’t necessarily need brokers for trading, but it is always advised to have a broker as brokers can provide you access to the entire universe of investible stocks which can help you make long term gains. Also, they might introduce you to new options; that you weren’t aware of. They can provide you with various resources and tools that may help you in a wise investment.

The sudden proliferation in the internet and technology has changed the way people trade in stocks. Along with this, the role of stockbrokers also changed drastically. A lot of new modes of trading along with new techniques are now available in the market. One such talk of the town is ‘DISCOUNT BROKING’. Since this concept was introduced a few years ago in India, not many people still know about it. Until the last few years, the stock market remained confined to the affluent who could afford the high brokerage services, offered by the majority of brokerage firms. But, with the new progressive means of trading, there has been a spurt in the number of discount brokers who allow small investors to try their hands in stock trading by charging a relatively lower fee. Since discount broking is an entirely online procedure; it has also made trading very easy for investors. Discount broking has also helped in expanding the market by bringing in lots of first-time investors who were otherwise unable to trade due to the high brokerage.

Venus Tradex is one such juggernaut that is all set to revolutionize the discount broking sector with its staggering services. Lakshmishree Investments and Securities Private Limited (LISPL), the parent company which has served thousands of customers across the country was accurate enough in identifying the extended market demands and recognizing the need of prospective investors who were otherwise hesitant to invest due to big brokerages. It analyzed the market demand and assessed the consumer needs and customized a product which will suit the requirements of every trading aficionado, be it a novice trader or an extensive full-time trader at a relatively lesser brokerage.

The services that Venus Tradex is coming with are genuinely startling. Venus Tradex is providing its clients the facility of E-KYC, which will allow the users to have online account activation without any hassle. So, if you are someone who does not have time to go through the unpleasant, time-taking, and uneasy procedure of offline KYC, Venus Tradex is here for your rescue. E-KYC eliminates the hassle involved in submitting physical paperwork and physical presence for verification. It takes just a few minutes to complete the procedure of E-KYC.

Venus Tradex has also brought important & easy to use tools for share trading; the mobile trading app named Shree Varahi, the web trading app and trading software for PC or laptop that can be installed on desktops and laptops. Using these platforms, the clients can trade as per their convenience.

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The next big thing that Venus Tradex is offering is trading at low brokerage in India. The brokerage for each order executed is just Rs. 17 per trade with eight times intraday limit and Rs. 8 per completed order with five times intraday limit. Also, the company is not charging any ambiguous or hidden costs in the form of call and trade charges; everything is completely transparent.

Venus Tradex has left no stone unturned in making the procedures super easy for the customers. The trading accounts of the clients will be activated through a single platform in both equity and commodity segment, which will save the clients from the hassles. Also, the firm is providing its clients with a facility wherein the clients can use the same funds/collaterals for trading in both equity and the commodity segment.

So, if you are a beginner in stock market or a full-time investor or just an individual who is trying to explore the stock market, Venus Tradex DISCOUNT BROKING is your one-stop solution. With low brokerages and a fantastic service delivered by the skilled personnel from Venus Tradex, you will experience the most convenient way of buying/selling stocks. Join, Venus Tradex today, by opening a Free Demat Account.


  • 9 out of 10 individual traders in equity Futures and Options Segment, incurred net losses.
  • On an average, loss makers registered net trading loss close to ₹ 50,000.
  • Over and above the net trading losses incurred, loss makers expended an additional 28% of net trading losses as transaction costs.
  • Those making net trading profits, incurred between 15% to 50% of such profits as transaction cost.

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