Intraday Trading tips

Best Intraday trading tips – Strategies to maximise profit

Before discuss about Intraday trading tips, we should know about what Intraday trading is?

Intraday trading is buying and selling stocks on the same day of trading. In intraday trading, the investor doesn’t hold the company’s shares. The investor makes a profit in intraday by the movements of the stocks. This form of investment requires skills to book maximum profit.

Some Proven and tested Intraday Trading tips in India

1. Choose the right stock – Intraday Trading tip for beginners

Choosing the right stock is the most important for booking maximum profit and is a crucial intraday trading tip. To understand the market is important to understand the market. There should be enough study about the company’s financial standing and the industry outlook. This intraday trading tip is very crucial and will build a strong foundation.

2. Nifty Trading Tips Intraday

Nifty is the collection of the top 50 companies. Most of the well-established companies generally come in this index. The best intraday trading tip is to understand the industry overview. These companies are suspectable to government policies. If one is doing Intraday trading in Nifty stocks, he has to keep these factors in mind.

3.  Most Important intraday trading tip- Freezing the exit and entry price

Sometimes as an investor, we get overboard with emotions. The basic thumb rule of investment is that you have to follow the rule of rationality. Hence to avoid entering into the mispriced stocks, intraday traders fix the entry and exit price of stocks to avoid making losses. They can exit such investments. If you want to start your trading journey with equity trading, then click here.

4. Intraday trading tip for the market is not your competitor hence don’t challenge it.

No one knows how the market will move. Hence, you will always be behind the market regarding knowledge and prediction. Therefore, accept this reality and use this assumption while selecting any stock. This is a vital intraday trading tip, and most beginners miss this.

5. Timing is very crucial For Intraday trading

Timing your investment is crucial and defines how much loss or profit you will make. This intraday trading tip must be analysed very thoroughly. The market fluctuates, and no model is there to predict what the future prices will be. Hence investors use financial models like- technical charts, weighted moving averages, and historical data to understand the correct timing to enter into an intraday trading.

6. Intraday trading tip for bank nifty

Bank Nifty represents the 12 large market capitalisation banks listed on a national stock exchange. This index gives the benchmarks of how the Indian banking stocks are performing, which helps in making assumptions and strategies for investors. Such banks do well, and the best time to enter into intra day in such stocks is at quarter ends, half-yearly, or financial ends. The intraday trading tip for bank nifty is to make sure the NPAs, deposits and the collections of the banks are in check.

7. An intraday trading tip for making maximum profit

All the investors doing intraday trading are focused on making maximum profit. One must be patient and wait for the market to make the best result. The tip for booking maximum profit is understanding the stop loss and when to book profit when the target is reached.


Intraday trading tips are endless. The bottom line is to understand that stock trading is all about risk and reward. Trading is a vital aspect of life, and people are doing trading since ancient civilisation. To master the art of intraday trading, one needs to have built a solid fundamental about the financials. Learning and reading about the Indian economy and government policies is also imperative. Many individuals have made fortunes from the stock market. There are many examples where people have lost all their pennies. Hence learn and research these intraday trading tips to understand them better.

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  • On an average, loss makers registered net trading loss close to ₹ 50,000.
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