ETF Webinar – Swapnil Kulkarni

Lacking long-term goals in Investment ?? 

No worries!  An ETF will help you to cope up if you are lacking long-term goals in Investment. If you are unaware about an ETF, then here’s the outlook on basics !!

An ETF or Exchange Traded Fund is an investment fund that trades like a stock on the Stock Exchange. It pulls money from investors into the basket of investment which includes various stocks, by branching the funds to different securities. To be more glassy, ETFs are considered as diversified investments that can help balance risks. However, since the ETF shares are traded on the Stock Exchange, they are bought and sold like stocks.

As there are multiple Mutual Funds, so are the varieties of ETFs which are based on different Indexes. You being an investor can invest in ETFs through various Indexes. For instance NIFTY, BANK NIFTY, SENSEX, Commodities, and other Market sectors like Technology, Telecom, Pharma, Energy, Financial securities. 

Do you know what’s the merit here ??

An ETF is more preferable over Mutual Funds. The reason being, it gives you real-time investment. ETF costs lower operating value compared to open-end funds, however, with the tax-efficiency and the stock-like features, the ETFs are the funds wherein it has the largest fund flowing through it globally.

Are you still on the track to overcome your lack on long-term goals in investment ?? Be prepared with the list of your questions for your long-term goals in investment and get them all cleared by joining with us in this live webinar on ETF by Mr. Swapnil Kulkarni.

He has over 14 years of experience in financial products- across insurance, Mutual funds, Hedge funds, and is an expert on ETFs. Mr. Swapnil is a graduate from Symbiosis International University, Pune & an Associate Financial Planner (AFP, Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits). He has worked with DBS, International Money Matters, and he has been an entrepreneur for the past 10 years. He has vast exposure in handling public listed company treasuries, Foreign Institutional funds, family offices, promoters wealth, Ultra HNIs, and NRIs across the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

We at Venus Tradex are concerned for you. Hence we conduct webinars for our family of Investors to let you grow with the accurate and vast area of knowledge which helps them in their future Investment journey.


  • 9 out of 10 individual traders in equity Futures and Options Segment, incurred net losses.
  • On an average, loss makers registered net trading loss close to ₹ 50,000.
  • Over and above the net trading losses incurred, loss makers expended an additional 28% of net trading losses as transaction costs.
  • Those making net trading profits, incurred between 15% to 50% of such profits as transaction cost.

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